Thursday, June 30, 2011

Upcycled Hair Barrette

For the past few days I've been simmering on an idea to use buttons and old hair accessories to make a new hair barrette.  Finally I decided to just dig in, I knew I'd feel better once finished!

Misc buttons, beads, hair accessories
Hot glue gun
blank barrettes or other hair clips

Here is the before/after photo.  I have multiple blank hair clips just sitting around, so its easy to show you what it used to be -nothing!  I'm sure at one point it held a ribbon and we eventually just ripped that off.

So instead I used buttons we had around the house:
Which I sorted yesterday and as you can see, had a few set out in a row trying to decide what I wanted to do.  I'm also thinking of fancying up my flip flops with some buttons or old earrings.  (Process to come!)  So thats why I have so many laid out and grouped by color.

I also went through old hair accessories:
These are no doubt from when my sister and I were in grade school and used to wear the hair ties that you looped over with beads, because most of these have the loop on the back of them.  I just cut off the loop with my specialty kitchen shears (any store similar to Walmart should have them, they cut through bone!), and that worked really well.  Just be careful of flying pieces!

So basically all I did was plan out how I wanted the beads to look, them hot glued them one by one!  I think it looks super cute and I can't wait to pair it was a cute summer dress!  Its a pink monkey and pink banana! :-)

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