Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Navy Sample Share: Summer Shorts!

Same Intro Info as before, incase you missed my Sample Share: Jeans post:  "I belong to an online group called Crowdtap.  Please read more information about it here: Crowdtap  One of the great things about it, you give your opinion, answer questions, participate in discussions, and then you raise money for charities.  I picked the Nature Conservatory.  There are about 5 options, all good choices of course!  :)
Another perk is participating in targeted discussions, some of my faves are to talk about Old Navy products.  I was recently approved to join an Old Navy Sample Share, basically I was mailed a coupon, 1 for me 1 for a friend, for a FREE pair of JEANS!!!  And so I/we headed to Old Navy to do some shopping!"

So same thing applies, except this was for Old Navy Summer Shorts Sample Share!  The coupon was for 1 pair of Shorts or Bermudas for you, and 1 for a friend!

If you read the fine print on the coupons, you found out early- no capris!  Bummer because they looked so cute in the store!  Not that I really need anymore capris, but they are so comfortable to wear!

I'm not a big fan of short shorts, even tho I found these ultra cute neon shorts: TEAL!  Not going to lie, I wanted them! However, I don't wear anything that short anymore!  If they had been in the Bermudas, I would have been all over it!

My Bermuda choice
As it was, I purchased the Bermudas in the dark wash:
I also liked the lighter wash with some wear and tear, however they turned out to fit too snugly in the thigh, even in 2 different sizes.

I'm on the fence about how much I like the rolled cuff.  As a DIY-er I'm considering releasing the cuff and ironing down, maybe cutting a short slit on the outer edge at my knee.  Or it might be fun to add a little bling or embroidery to the cuff.  Oh the options!  If I do decided to add or change something, I will be sure to post it here.

Another nice feature of these Bermudas is that the back pocket isn't overly flashy.  Which means, DIY it or leave it alone??  This would be a nice place for some simple embroidery stitches!

My sister was out of town on vacation when I needed to go shopping.  So my Mother and I went shopping, with the best of intentions to find her a great pair.  I think we succeeded!  She can pull off a bright colored pair of shorts!

Now, lets talk about some of the fun options I tried on but didn't buy!  First of all, they have some really pretty patterns and prints right now!  My only thought (besides 'oh pretty!') was, "How do I wear this?"  I loved the bright neons and the brighter patterns, such diversity!

I tried on this Black and Grey Floral that seemed wayyy too boxy on me!  Of all the patterns, I thought this would be easy to match colors with.  Then of course there is the Green and Teal Floral that has the boldest colors that really stood out!  

One of these days I am buying a white pair of shorts or Bermudas, what a clean look to have!  Unfortunately, for some of us it would only be clean a few short hours!!  And lastly I will leave you with this short and sweet pair of Caspian Sea Blue.  Theres something romantic about all of that dark floral and lavender and purple!

Now that I have shared all this with you, head over to Old Navy stores and check out all these styles in person!  If you can't believe I got these shorts for FREE check out and become a member and make a difference with your opinions!!