Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crowdtap Sample Share: Old Navy Jeans!

I belong to an online group called Crowdtap.  Please read more information about it here: Crowdtap  One of the great things about it, you give your opinion, answer questions, participate in discussions, and then you raise money for charities.  I picked the Nature Conservatory.  There are about 5 options, all good choices of course!  :)

Another perk is participating in targeted discussions, some of my faves are to talk about Old Navy products.  I was recently approved to join an Old Navy Sample Share, basically I was mailed a coupon, 1 for me 1 for a friend, for a FREE pair of JEANS!!!  And so I/we headed to Old Navy to do some shopping!  I brought my sister along, but I do not have photos with her to share.  Both of us are rather shy to be taking glamor shot photos in a store!  So I tried on my own!

I'm posting the photos after the links!  I also went back, and got another pair!  I couldn't help myself!

I picked up the Sweetheart Skinny in the dark wash: Sweetheart Skinny

It fits great.  I will have to find photos showing me wearing my pretty flats with them!  I can't wait to find a pair of boots to go with them for the winter!

I went back for the Rock Star Super Skinny in black.  I thought I would need the Long size because the first time I tried it on they were too short.  Well this time they were just perfect!  Rock Star Super Skinny

Be on the lookout for me wearing these jeans in the future!  I was in Chicago for a few days and wore the Rock Stars out to a bar, but failed to get a photo.  I will try to remake the look for your guys!

These are my silver flats, my faves and now they go fantastic with my new skinny jeans!!!

Yes, this is me posing.  Trying to show off how good these skinny's fit me!  They feel so great on too!

This is supposed to be my "recreated" photo.  This is basically what I was wearing when I was at the bar.  Minus a different tank.  I'll try that out later and maybe post again!

I cut my head off on purpose, the face I was making was not pretty!  But like before, these jeans fit like a comfy glove!

Sorry its dark, the flash and light were on!
 Hopefully this is making you all want to go shop at Old Navy!  I know I want to go back, their tanks were on clearance when I was there last!

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