Monday, August 22, 2011

Etsy Shop: Pear's Palette NOW LIVE!!

Hi all!  I just REopened my Etsy Shop!

Please check out all the cool new things I have available!  I had first started my shop back in 2009 but quickly lost steam.  I love to paint but as it was then, I didn't know what to do first.  Since then I have been a fanatic about reading creative blogs and learning How Tos for handmade businesses!  Since then I have helped encourage others to make the first leaps toward successful businesses.  The whole while I have been learning from others, taking notes (quite literally) and biding my time while I find the perfect items that give me the pleasure to make, but also that are economical!  I've enjoyed making my new products and I'm pretty excited about where this can go in the future!

Here's a few of my products: 

Dark Blue Star Bobby Pins
Pink Bear Bobby Pins

Light Blue and Purple Star Bead Barrette

Light Blue and Sparkle Blue Star Bead Barrette

Orange, Yellow, White Button Barrette
 In the future here I hope to be adding some Mixed Media paintings.  I had a vision of painted canvas with beads, and so I made it happen!  Those will be posted soon, as well as some new ideas I am working on.  I love painting, but I tend to be a perfectionist and some paintings take more time!  Good for everyone right?

You can find more information here at my Facebook page (brand new):

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