Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Navy Sample Share: Active Wear!

Same Intro Info as before, incase you missed my Sample Share: Jeans post:  "I belong to an online group called Crowdtap.  Please read more information about it here: Crowdtap  One of the great things about it, you give your opinion, answer questions, participate in discussions, and then you raise money for charities.  I picked the Nature Conservatory.  There are about 5 options, all good choices of course!  :)

Another perk is participating in targeted discussions, some of my faves are to talk about Old Navy products.  I was recently approved to join an Old Navy Sample Share, basically I was mailed a coupon, 1 for me 1 for a friend, for a FREE pair of JEANS!!!  And so I/we headed to Old Navy to do some shopping!"

So same thing applies, except this was for Old Navy Active wear Sample Share!  The coupon was for 1 paid of Active wear pants and 1 Compression Top, which was later changed to include ANY Active wear top!  Works out great for me, I LUV jackets!

I was so excited for this one (of course I love my jeans!), but this time, I was really excited to grab a new pair of knit black pants.  If you've been following along, you know for my job I need to wear all black.  So I bought a cheapo pair of yoga pants at Meijers for $14, they are pretty thin and the tag fell off after 2 washes!

Luckily, my new Active wear pants are thicker, which is nice because its quite chilly and drafty right now at work!  I like that they are a thicker material, but I'm not going to get sweaty in them.  Its a nice knit fabric that stretches with me and was a great fit for the massage I gave this past weekend!  I'm so happy to have this pair to add to my work clothes!  Which at a workout!

I LOVE MY JACKET!  OMG, it is soooo incredibly soft and warm!  It has the thumb holes which are proving to be really comfortable and useful in several ways!  I don't know what the true point of them is, whats their real function?  However, I'm loving that I can carry something cold (like a drink) and my whole hand isn't icy!

I don't have as many photos as I did for the jeans, but I think you will still be able to tell how comfy I am in the clothes!

Activewear Jacket  .....Having a hard time locating the proper jacket...we were told anything in the Active section was ok to choose....Ooops....I picked a Performance Fleece was in the same section and it said Active wear!!!
My sister picked: Pants and Jacket    (She loves to cozy up in fleece!)
^Not entirely sure why I was posing like this.  But as you can see, theres the lines of the fabric stitches up the sides.  Feels pretty cool, plus makes my butt look nice :)

And also, what I was wearing for work that morning!
Just so you can see the whole outfit together!

Hopefully this is making you all want to go shop at Old Navy!  I'm really pumped to see the sweaters they are going to bring out this year!

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